Now Jade Pergola Wedding – J + A

This is one of those times when you get to come with us from the very beginning through this lovely Now Jade Pergola Wedding photo adventure and almost feel like you are there for the first time ever or reliving it, either way, it’s a really beautiful and fun ride.

Jessica and Anthony decided to join their lives in an amazing celebration of love by getting married at this paradise that is the Riviera Maya at the Now Jade Resort, surrounded by their friends and loving family, making this one huge happy ceremony and party that was an honor to be a part of for the day.

Starting with documenting every part of the Getting Ready process, you can already appreciate the love from everyone around them in those shots, the attention to detail and how hard everyone worked for this to be a special day for the bride and groom to be. The excitement is more than evident in Jessica and Anthony’s face and they have that twinkle of love in their eyes all day long!

A rainbow is something one can’t plan for, but when it happens especially during a photo session it’s like a happy message from mother nature, and one can get really symbolic with it or with the lovely rain that joined us during the reception party! But let me tell you, in both instances, one has to enjoy life and whatever it may throw at you and just make the most of it.

Jessica and Anthony danced and smiled through it all, made the rain a part of the fun and we have proof that they all had a blast along with their awesome group of friends and family!

We picked Cancun for our wedding because we know it’s a beautiful place for vacation for friends and family! We have been there a few times mainly the Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya area and we just love everything about it. Now Jade had a beautiful view once you just walk out of the lobby, we both fell in love with that garden and ocean view and we knew right away that we would love to have our wedding at Now Jade. 

 I think for us the most memorable moment from our wedding day would have be the downpour that wouldn’t stop and everyone just getting up to go to the dance floor like nothing was going on!

We only have great things to say about Monica Lopez Photography. The pictures came out great. The photographers are both true professionals and great to work with. Our friends and families loved them as much as we did and all we heard were wonderful things about the girls since we came back!

Jessica G.

It truly was a breathtaking classic Now Jade Pergola Wedding (and day in general!) with a unique touch of tradition, with a splash of Caribbean spice and it all just fit in effortlessly, like a sweet harmony they all danced to throughout the day.