About Me

Born in Guadalajara with the heart of an artist, I always dreamed of capturing the world as I saw it. In my constant pursuit of self-expression, I grasped at any tools within reach: crayons, pencils, paints, words, computers, and, eventually a camera.

I now spend my days on the sandy shores of this famous beach town capturing the most precious moments of locals and visitors alike. Destination weddings, honeymoons, babymoons, family reunions, and anniversaries…I have witnessed and photographed them all. I have taken pictures during the most breathtaking sunsets and at the most elaborate weddings, but what never fails to take my breath away is the opportunity I have been granted to meet with and get to know some of the most remarkable people.

As a Mexican whose eyes start to water at just the thought of spicy food and girly- girl who lives for nights spent playing Dungeons and Dragons with my best friends, I know that people are never as simple as their first impressions might lead you to believe. I also believe that no two couples are exactly the same. I seek to work with couples and families of all kinds and create images that truly draw out their personalities.

Being a newlywed myself, I understand deeply that nothing is more important or more treasured than images of love frozen in time. So let’s chat, laugh, and hit the bright white beaches of Cancun together! Let’s capture your story!

If you have a story to tell, you’re interested to see my work or just wanna say Hola! please contact me.