Isla Mujeres Adventure Session

Not every day I get to wake up and go to an Isla Mujeres Adventure Session – but after spending a perfect Dreams Riviera Cancun Beach Wedding with Blake and Matthew, I could not wait to see them again and show them one of my favorite places on EARTH!

It was very important for this couple to get the turquoise colors on the water – and although I don’t recommend doing sessions after the blue hour (right after sunrise) or golden hour (one-hour prior sunset), because the weather can be very warm and humid (you believe we had napkins and were drinking water like there was no tomorrow!) I think the results we had were stunning!

Blake wore a different dress that she used for her wedding day – found this lovely piece on sale, and Matthew wore khaki pants and white shirt for a relaxed look. I joked a little bit by telling them their grandkids will look one day upon these images, and they will be surprised at how grandma and grandpa were rocking it on their younger days!

I feel so lucky by being chosen for couples like Blake and Matthew – they are so devoted to their love, sweet and calm, and the amount of trust they had on my vision makes me feel so humbled.

Please enjoy this small selection of my favorite photos for this Isla Mujeres Adventure Session!

Who will join me next?