Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding – Mary Margaret + Jim

You guys, this was truly a day like no other, one that I will never forget! MaryMargaret & Jim’s Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding, not only did everyone attending had a complete blast both days, but I did too! So much so that I feel like I made a new set of friends as well. This lovely couple, the celebration of their love, the resort, the venue (all of it actually) was hashtag goals!

You could feel this amazing vibe of love, happiness and all-around coolness that was just undeniable (umm hello, they are from Cali so OF COURSE they are cool!). No doubt these are meant to be, crazy head over heels in love with one another, that feeling of joyfulness spreads to everyone around them.

From the welcome dinner to the reception, they made every detail their own and special; you can totally see in each person there having huge heartfelt smiles on their faces, excited to share that important moment with them.

The beach for a Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding is a dream come true – for anyone looking for a vacation in a tropical paradise, you have all the essentials: soft white sand, it is very spacious with lush jungle and palm trees all around and that turquoise crystal-like water we all want to swim in as soon as we see it. All combined gives you a feeling that you are the only people there, it’s all for you and your significant other, and these guys made it even more breathtaking while on it.

And can I take a moment, and say I am all in for bridesmaids in black dresses? It’s not something I see every day – add the mix of white flowers and greenery and you have a super chic look for your gals (and an excuse for them to rock a black maxi dress!)

MaryMargaret and Jim being the talented musicians that they are, who have created a wonderful life together filled with their love for music and performing, had the best idea for the reception: a personal concert! With MaryMargaret’s incredible voice and Jim’s amazing skills in the guitar it was a real treat and a very cool and fun bonding experience for absolutely everyone, just check out that candid shots of all their friends and family rocking out alongside!

May your life together as Mr & Mrs. Bilus be as filled with laughter, love, music, and dancing as it was on that magical night! And thank you for making me a part of it!

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