Xpu-Ha Romantic Anniversary Portraits – Michelle + Steven

This side of paradise was witness to a lovely couple sharing their happiness with the world in this Xpu-Ha Romantic Anniversary Portraits, where Michelle and Steven got to celebrate the first year of their loving relationship in a very fun way.

Honestly, Xpu-Ha is a perfect example of a Caribbean piece of heaven, with a wide gorgeous beach, the jungle pouring into it and the ocean as an ideal backdrop for a photoshoot that highlights how much fun these two are!

From the beautiful and classic walking – down – the – beach – hand – in– hand shots to some chilling lovingly on an abandoned wooden dock structure ones that give out a vibe of them being the only two people in a deserted island, which sounds pretty romantic, to be honest.

Michelle and Steven’s outfits were channeling both the sea’s clearest blue and the beach’s inviting sand, a lovely combination that made this shoot even more fun and lovely not only for you to look at, but for me to do.

Steven and I met in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2011 and got married on July 4th of 2016. We both enjoy being active and loving on our pets! We came to Mexico during July of 2017 to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary, and we will continue to come back to Mexico because we always enjoy our experience and the people are amazing. While we were on our trip this year, we got our photos taken on July 4th. This was our actual 1 year wedding anniversary, so that was very special! We LOVE the photos Monica!! Thank you so much. You surpassed our expectations and we are so incredibly happy!! We wanted to order ALL of the photos because it is so hard for us to choose! Everything is amazing!


With this Xpu-Ha Romantic Anniversary Portraits, I want to encourage all couples, no matter in what stage of their lives together they are in, to do what feels good to them, to have fun with the experience of the photoshoot itself, from the very start like picking out the location and outfits to the very last picture taken.

Celebrating an anniversary can mean different things to different people, but one thing is for sure, by doing so in this specific way, that moment in time is going to be preserved forever as if time stood still in their smiles and their love for each other was more than evident and their happiness contagious. Happy anniversary Michelle & Steven!

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