Rosewood Mayakoba Family Portraits – Shao Family

Surrounded by our breathtaking Caribbean jungle, the Shao family had their gorgeous Rosewood Mayakoba Family Portraits done in what can only be described as a day-long shoot of family love and beauty!

This amazing resort is one of the most beautiful and luxurious eco-chic places to stay at and shoot in located at the Riviera Maya; beachside, set on stunning canals, where you can feel connected to nature and awed by the architecture at the same time! it is also a birdwatcher’s paradise, so there is always something to marvel on. Unlike most Family Portrait shoots were we get one or two locations, in this case, the Shao family and I had an infinity of ecosystems (so to speak) to play at and choose from! Experimenting with the sunlight was pretty fun to do around the resort’s amazing facilities too.

They all got to walk, run and hop on the heavenly and sandy tropical beach against the baby blue sea, the Shao sisters chilled and posed at the comfy hammocks, mom and dad enjoyed a romantic sundown at the Canals where the mangrove looks out of a movie, (they made it a romantic one!) the whole family even got in the party mood at the end!

There was a little bit of everything, including sunlight changes, which gives the whole session a really cool vibe, like you can live the whole thing over again. I can’t help but smile while looking at the end result, those happy faces and expressions are bursting with love, it was and is contagious and I love that!

It is truly a unique feeling being in a place like this, where everything is constructed to make you feel like a part of the jungle, a rich experience that combines one’s love for nature and for comfort! Rosewood Mayakoba Family Portraits are one of a kind experience for each one of the families and