Romantic Cenote Portraits | Kitling + Tony

I feel like most couples out there would benefit from a romantic cenote portraits experience like the one Kitling and Tony had, especially with the jungle twist! It is a very grounding and cleansing activity, so imagine going through it with your soulmate and having it in photos to remember!

Kitling herself is a fellow photographer, but this time she got to have fun on the other side of the lens with her partner Tony on some extremely cute romantic shots! Also, I was told Tony was shy but I could not tell at all! We booked a private cenote in the middle of the Mayan jungle, it was all just for us for two fun-packed hours during the morning time, with amazing sunny Caribbean weather in our favor. In perfect contrast and complement to the heat of the jungle, the cool crystal clear water of the cenote was the perfect way to wrap up Kitling and Tony’s romantic session, hand in hand in this gorgeous paradise that truly can make you feel like you two are the only people in the world.

Monica is AMAZING! We picked the Cancun area as we were returning for our 5 year anniversary! I cannot believe she got my husband to smile & walk away saying that he actually enjoyed the session! My biggest recommendation is go with all of Monica’s recommendations. She has an amazing eye and easily captures the genuine moments without you knowing! Not to mention all of the photos were incredible! She even found a private Cenote to photograph in! She was professional and quick too so we had the cenote afterwards completely to ourselves!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


Cenotes are beautiful natural water holes, pits or sinkholes mostly made of limestone, as a result of the bedrock collapse, it exposes the groundwater underneath. They are cave systems filled with freshwater, there is also rainwater absorbed in them. Some of them, like this gorgeous one, are like big open water pools, others are more cavelike or closed and to access them you have to go down wooden staircases and such. There are over 5,000 cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula and they all have a magical quality about them. Tony, Kitling and I had a lot of fun doing these romantic cenote and jungle portraits, I highly recommend the experience, whether it is for a photo session or just to enjoy this part of the Riviera paradise, you will not regret it!