PrimaTowels 2019 Collection

Sometimes when I’m not taking romance or family photos, I get to work with amazing brands. Prima Towels is run by Heather, an amazing business woman and mommy who launched her Turkish towels line back in 2017. Prima Towels are lightweight, fast-drying and ultra-absorbent, perfect for the beach or to use for coverage during a windy day!

We had a blast last year photographing a new line, and after I saw the material and the amazing designs I felt in love with Prima Towels (some of you have seen them during our shoots!) so when Heather asked me if I would do another shoot in 2019 I said yes without hesitation!

Heather did some scouting for photos prior to our shoot and found a gorgeous ??PINK PORSCHE ?? there are not enough cute pink icons that can describe how pretty it was!

Go to their site (check that beautiful banner with the new set we worked in April!) and get some of their designs! Thanks to lovely Conie for being my model again!