Iberostar Cancun Family Photographer

It is always a fun ride shooting with big families and I got a big one this time being an Iberostar Cancun Family Photographer! The Hadley family gave me the opportunity to work with them at this sunny Caribbean location and I jumped in very excited to meet them all and help them create new memories together.

When our very large family decided to take a family vacation in the beautiful Cancun, I knew immediately that I wanted to get professionals pictures taken. I started the search looking for a photographer that was skilled in capturing the best of their clients and using the scenery and light in the best way possible. You can see in Monica’s work that she is very skilled! Working with her was a breeze! She was communicative and gave you a lot of tips for the best session possible. On the day she was quick but thorough and now we can see how beautiful our pictures turned out. I know it was not easy capturing 19 people of all ages, but she managed to get some great captures! Would recommend her over and over again!


At the center of it all, we have the grandparents, looking oh so lovely and proud of their five children, eight grandchildren, son and daughters in law, a huge smiling bunch brought together not only by blood but by love.

Iberostar with its iconic pyramid shape is a longtime visitor favorite at Cancun’s hotel zone provided two amazing locations for our shoot! The palm tree and hammock garden which is even more beautiful and relaxing than what you can see here, and the vast beautiful white sandy beach just a few minutes walking distance from it. Those tropical tall palmtrees make not only for great shade and backdrop but for a fun light and shadow moment for us, it is so pretty how the sun comes through them!

What an inspiring way to strengthen and unite an already close family, a trip to a warm and colorful destination like the city of Cancun, away from the stress of daily life, work, and distractions; an ideal time for the three Hadley generations to connect and enjoy this experience (one most people dream of for ages!) and just focus on what really matters, the people that you love and who love you the most.

Thank you for picking me to be your Iberostar Cancun Family Photographer! I could feel the love coming from every which way, from parents to their children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, to the inlaws, a love fest all around, all as one big unit celebrating this moment in their life and history, and what better way to do so than in a paradise such as this?