Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya Family Portraits

When Ashlin contacted me to book some Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya Family Portraits as a surprise gift for her mom from her sisters, brother, and sons in law, I was very excited! It is always a fun time being a part of moments like this with big families and Grand Luxxe Riviera Maya provided the perfect location for an unforgettable day.

First of all, the surprise was a success! Plus, we all know that it’s no easy task for a big family to keep a secret, much less coordinate outfits so perfectly. Not only did they pulled it off, but they were also spot-on mixing and matching with each other as well as with their surroundings in such a harmonious and eye-pleasing way, that kudos are in order!

Mama proudly standing (and running too!) in the middle, surrounded by her children and dashing sons in law having fun and making lovely memories together is a lovely sight to see. With the lush jungle as a backdrop, walking firmly hand in hand towards the camera, the family gives out amazing love and strength vibes, don’t you think? 

While the sun was setting and the waves splashed on the pier, every family member’s smile lit up the photos! As the beautiful couples looked into each other’s eyes, when they laughed at their siblings making funny faces and while mom looked lovingly at her family, you can totally feel the unity and the love they have for each other, and that is always heartwarming to witness.

Happy to be an accomplice to this lovely and fun surprise Christmas gift for mom, you guys did great and I’m sure everyone will have amazing memories to look back on from this family portraits session and trip together!