Cancun Family Portraits at JW Marriot, Cancun – The Wallaces

This photo shoot has one of the craziest jumps I’ve ever photographed! That’s what you get when you shoot with such a fun and outgoing family like the Wallaces.

Jenny and Scott wanted to commemorate their Cancun vacation with some beach photos, and wow! The water was an especially beautiful color that day.

We started with some casual indoor photos inside the JW Marriott Cancun resort, where the Wallaces were staying. Their smiles show their friendliness through each photo. What a great family.

Then we headed out to the beach, where some wonderful weather and stunning colors awaited us, creating a spectacular backdrop for this photo shoot. Even after several years living in Cancun, I’m still blown away by the Caribbean Sea. It’s a photographer’s dream!

Of course with two boys in the family, we had to make sure to get some fun photos in there. The Wallaces had a blast with some crazy jumps, which made for some really fun-filled images.

The lifeguard stand provided a cool set for some family beach photos, and I enjoyed posing them here. These are some of my favorite images from this photo shoot.

I bet the Wallaces were tired by the end of such an energetic photo shoot, but we got some awesome pictures! Hope we can meet again in the future!