Bachelor’s Juelia Kinney Engagement Photos

It’s definitely not every day that you get an opportunity to photograph a celebrity, but this summer, I was able to take Juelia Kinney engagement photos! When former The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant met the brother of a fellow show alum, she felt an immediate connection with him, and upon their engagement, they decided to return to the place where it all started for their engagement session: Mexico!

Even in the sweltering summer heat, working with Juelia and Aaron was such a blast!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful evening, and the Secrets Playa Mujeres Golf & Spa Resort, with its grass roofed gazebos and rope swings, offered a variety of romantic locations for us to stop and snap a set of photos. Under the golden summer sun, Juelia and Aaron danced, laughed and kissed, remembering the beginning of their love story and celebrating the start of another adventure!

Here are some words from her Instagram @jueliakenney

“This man. From the time I met him last year in Mexico I thought to myself he is hot – and would make such a good husband from all the good energy I felt from his heart. I didn’t think much more of it because I lived in San Diego and he lived in Nashville. Little did I know he was going to come visit me and little did I know I would feel sick to my stomach when he left to go back home. I knew I hadn’t felt that special or that close to someone in pretty much ever, and had no idea how it would work out. I am so happy that our relationship not only developed so much over the next couple months, but flourished.

The long distance was hard but we knew what we wanted. We went through the ups and downs but we made it here… stronger and happier than ever. I am so excited to say…. WE ARE ENGAGED!!!!!! ❤️✨ He is the best man I could ask for and my best friend… not to mention he makes me laugh till my stomach hurts every morning and every day. I never would have expected we would have met like we did but I am so freaking grateful that we did. I love you @theaaronbass!! Thank you for making me the luckiest girl in the world!!”

This shoot was such an exhilarating one for me, and I’m so pleased to share some of my favorites with you…although you may have already seen a few of Juelia Kinney engagement pictures through How He Asked, People or US Magazine!

Wow! What an exciting summer!