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Since little I used to be drawing, painting, writting or with a book in my hands, always trying to find a way to express myself. As a tech-savvy girl, I was led to the world of digital illustration. I learned Photoshop, and by destiny or chance, was hired by a well known photographer in Cancun to edit her photos. She saw I had “the eye” and taught me the basics of photography.





From the day a camera was on my hands, my life changed. Photography has been my ticket to see the world in a different perspective,  to meet wonderful people, to experience a roller coaster of emotions, to being a witness of the most beautiful momments a person could have.





My wide knowledge in image edition has led me to work  side by side with award-winning photographers, their work is an inspiration to me. In my journey to be better, I haven’t spent a day without learning new techniques, ways of market myself, or to improve my edition… there’s always something new.





I love sweets, dramatic clouds and golden sunsets, sci-fi is my favorite movie theme, and I have rescued two stray (now very spoiled) cats.

Born in Guadalajara, I will invite you to visit this colonial city and try all kind of tours, to embark yourself in a gastronomic adventure and to enjoy everything that Jalisco has to offer.Ok, I will also do that with Cancun, and every other city I’ve lived into!




If you have a story to tell, you’re interested to see my work or just wanna say Hola! please contact me.

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